Watch Party: What to Expect

How to Register

Registration is required for each Watch Party. There are two ways to register: 

  • The best way to register is through our online booking system. There, households can register together as a unit, or you can also register for a friend if they need help. 
  • Registration is also possible over the phone if you call the church office on 978-922-4325. Feel free to leave a message and someone can call you back to help you register.
  • Cancellations: Please contact us at if you need to cancel your reservation to allow others to join us.

Entering & Exiting

  • Accessible Entrance: The back entrance off the parking lot will be reserved for those with mobility challenges.
  • Everyone else: Please enter through one of the front doors to the sanctuary, located off of Dane Street. We will have three check-in stations in the front and one at our Accessible Entrance so that we don’t bottleneck at one entrance! An usher with a blue lanyard will let you know where to wait for check-in.
  • Exiting after the service: We will dismiss by rows and everyone will exit through the back door to the parking lot.

Check-In Procedure

  • Please arrive between 9:30-9:50am 
  • Before you arrive, we’d encourage you to download our app and check-in on your SmartPhone. You’ll receive a confirmation QR Code to show at the door. 
  • An usher with a blue lanyard will meet you at the door to check your registration. If you do not have access to the app, simply tell the usher your last name. 
  • Your usher will guide you to our temperature check and sanitization station and then to your seat. 

Designated Seating Areas Will Be Created In Our Sanctuary

We want to maintain proper physical distancing during our services. Every other pew will be roped off, and households will be seated 6 feet apart. To help, the ushers who check you in will take you to your seats before the service so that we can best optimize all of the seats that will be available. We will dismiss by rows at the conclusion of the service.

Households Stay Together 

We hope to resume some level of our Sunday Kidsrock during a later phase. Until then, your children are welcome with you in our sanctuary. You can sign up for a children’s activity box here. Worried about your kid making too much noise? Don’t worry! We don’t care if they do. The Fellowship Hall and the front doors will remain open if your kid needs a breath of fresh air or a place to run around for a few minutes outside!

Be Respectful of Others

You might be ready to hug and high five but that doesn’t mean others are. Be respectful of people’s needs and their desire to physical distance right now. Please also maintain a distance of six feet or more between you and non-household members when on the church property.

Safety & Cleaning Protocols

Extra cleaning will take place on high contact areas. Hand sanitizer stations will be available at several visible positions in the church building. The majority of the church building will be closed for now. The single stall restrooms near the parking lot entrance and through the door to the right of the stage will be available for use. To improve ventilation, doors will be open with air purifiers in use. This will mean it may be cooler in the sanctuary than usual. By registering, you are agreeing to our Safety House Rules

Please Stay Home If...

If you are not feeling well, concerned that you have been exposed, at risk, or are simply uncomfortable attending right now, we would kindly ask you to remain at home and worship online. The symptoms list can be found here.