One Hope: God's Promise Through Isaiah | 2 of 13

One Hope: Politics

Aaron Engler
Oct 16, 2016
Sermon Description: 

If you’re like me, it’s hard not to see all this, and start to despair about the current state of our political system. 

Government seems to be failing everyone, and everyone seems either too emotionally charged to too checked out to meaningfully solve any of the real problems facing us. 

And it’s so easy to feel cynical, and want to avoid politics at all costs. And yet. And yet, the Bible generally, and Isaiah specifically, has a lot to say about it. 

So as much as I'd sometimes rather, we can't avoid it. 

The scriptures are chalk full of invaluable wisdom for our thinking about government, and offers tremendous hope regarding many of the most troubling problems facing our nation today. And like I've said already, my goal isn’t to push any particular, quote, agenda, but simply to address the questions: does God care about politics? And if God does, how should we?