The Ger'rim and the Home of God

Aaron Engler
Sep 06, 2015
Sermon Description: 

Like Ruth, immigrants to the United States are often seen as problems to be managed, rather than people to be supported. 

But in the same way that God loves the orphan, the widow, and the impoverished, God also makes it crystal clear that he loves people just like Ruth -- people just like you and just like me -- people whose hunt for their true home has put them into vulnerable situations. 

(Deut 10:19) And just like God loved and protected us when we were foreigners to Him, we are invited to love and protect those like Ruth who are foreigners among us.

Matter of fact, welcoming the Ger’im — the immigrant — is one of the most often repeated commandments in scripture, appearing 92 times, with only the imperatives “do not be afraid” and "worship only the Lord your God” appearing more frequently. 

God commands his people -- us -- to love and protect those who are like Ruth, the immigrants making home among us.