This year presented us with challenges unlike any we've ever faced before in our world, as a church, and as individuals. At the same time, it has made possible some things that weren’t possible before. We’ve added new tools to our tool belts that we will be able to use from now on. We’ve learned more about hidden needs in our community that we can now be part of healing. We’ve gotten creative about how to love and embrace and serve and worship. We’ve grown in courage and resilience and patience and empathy. We are still worshiping, even now, from a distance. But still. Being together - apart - just isn’t the same as being together - together

So it is with a good, healthy dose of caution paired with a whole lot of hope, we’re forming a *tentative* and hopeful plan to regather as a church in phases over the next few months. Our Regathering Task Force has been praying, planning, and exploring ways to safely move toward regathering in person. Because we are committed to your safety and the safety of our neighbors, things will look and feel a little different to start. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

*Indicates that we will be adding this element moving forward

Phase 1 (May)

Virtual Services + Watch Parties in the Sanctuary

Phase 3 (August)

2 General Sunday Services each week + Kidsrock* + 1 Serve Sunday

Phase 4 (September 12 to Infinity & Beyond)

Kick-Off Party on 9/12, and from then on, we’ll move to one service every Sunday 


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