One of the deepest ways to get connected at Highrock church is by becoming a partner in mission.

Partnership (membership) is a formal commitment to join the local church in furthering Highrock's vision and mission throughout Salem and the greater North Shore. Becoming a partner is a simple way to say, "This is my mission field, and I'm committed to it." Another analogy might be that while we have many guests, partners are those who are the hosts of their church home.

To become a partner, listen to two sermons. First, listen to "the Love that will not let me go" from our sermon series "Bittersweet." In this sermon, you'll hear the heartbeat of what it means to be committed and the challenge of commitment that is intrinsic to partnership at our church. Next, listen to "Tourist", where you'll learn the difference between passing by and joining Jesus' movement. 

Once you've taken a listen, simply attend one of our partnership classes to learn even more about Highrock's vision and its relationship to greater Boston and our denomination. For more information, contact Pastor Brynn at