In a Nutshell

Who We Are

We all come from a variety of different backgrounds, though our common pursuit of Christ directs our foreground. We are young and old and in-between and some of us haven’t been born yet. We are Asian, Caucasian, Indian, German, Latino, and from Oklahoma. We are empty nesters and newlyweds, professors and students, scientists and singers, doctors and young professionals, bartenders and baristas, creative types and the not-so-much.  We are social conservatives and social progressives, social activists and social workers, full-time parents and full-time kids. We are married, single, divorced, and it’s complicated. Some of us have loved Jesus for a long time and some of us are just getting to know him. But at the end of the day, we are drawn together by the love of Christ, the need for his grace, and a desire to live his mission in the world.