Winter Alpha Course

Dec 14, 2021

Highrock is hosting an Alpha course beginning January 9th, 2022 and continuing through April 10th. The course will take place in the Fellowship Hall from 5-7 on Sunday nights, with the exception of 2/10 and 2/20. We will also meet all day on Saturday, March 12th.

There is no cost to attend.

More about the course

Alpha is a course designed to introduce people to the Christian faith. It begins with a shared meal, continues with a short video lesson about Christian belief, and concludes with time in discussion groups. Alpha is a safe place to ask questions and learn about Christianity without any pressure to believe what Christians believe!

Alpha is designed for people who don't know Jesus but are curious about the claims of Christianity. It's a safe place to ask questions without judgement or pressure to believe what we believe. If you have friends or family who don't know Jesus but might be interested in this kind of space, this course is for them! As a church, we are hosting this course because of the great commission to "Go and make disciples of all nations." The church exists to spread the gospel, and this is a great way to do it!

Due to the COVID surge, we will not be serving a meal at this time. Please note that masks are required in the building.