Soultraining: Transforming Our Habits E-Course

For millennia, Christ followers have built habits - or spiritual practices - that assist in becoming more and more like Christ. Whether that’s through learning to treat our bodies as temples through exercise and healthy eating, through intentionally building practices toward hospitality and relationship-building, or through cultivating a life of daily prayer and devotion, God invites us to order our daily practices around God so that more and more, we are worshiping with all of our time and energy. Ancient monastics viewed these intentional practices like a trellis - a structure that made it possible for life to grow around it. They called it a Rule of Life.

Through this e-course, we’ll take a look at how we live vs. how we want to live, and work together on intentionally choosing life values and then building habits and practices that are ordered around those values - that ultimately assist us in becoming more like Christ.

Just for Kids! Family practices will be included for parents or guardians who would like to go through this course together with their children!

Lifegroups are encouraged to participate together in collaboration with our weekly sermon discussions.

Important Dates

  • Enrollment begins now
  • Pre-work to be completed between January 17-24th on your own (this will include an overview of spiritual practices and how to build a healthy habit)
  • January 25th-February 12, we will begin practicing one spiritual habit, with daily emails and group encouragement!