Salem Senior Meal Delivery Program - Volunteers Needed!

Jul 15, 2020

We are looking for volunteers to help with an expanded meal delivery program for seniors beginning Monday, July 20th through the end of August. We need 3 delivery drivers on Mondays and 3 meal deliverers to hang the meals on apt doors on Mon/Wed/Fridays. The City of Salem has received state funding to continue the meal delivery program with Root that began in March and expand it to add a third day of meals each week. Root will continue to prepare meals on Mondays, and local caterer Ferreira Foods will take on preparing and delivering  meals on Wednesdays and Fridays.

On Mondays, we will need 3 delivery drivers to bring the meals to the housing sites. Drivers will pick up meals at Root in Shetland Park at their loading dock and deliver meals for 3-4 housing sites each in Salem and then return the empty coolers back to Root. Additional volunteers will meet the drivers in front of the housing sites to deliver the meals to each apartment. The housing site deliveries will be grouped as:

Driver 1:
Leefort Terrace (dropoff site for all 3 locations)
Norton Terrace
Bates Terrace

Driver 2:
Pioneer Terrace (dropoff site for both locations)
Bertram Terrace

Driver 3 (this driver will have to drive to 3 locations):
Morency Manor/Dalton Bldg (these are adjacent to each other –(1 dropoff site for Morency/Dalton/Colonial)
Colonial Terrace
Fairweather/40R Highland Ave (dropoff site)
Pequot Highlands (dropoff site)

We also need 3 volunteers to meet the delivery drivers at the housing sites on all 3 days, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (Ferreira Foods will do all delivery driving to the buildings on Wed/Fri). These volunteers will meet the delivery driver in front of the building, take the meals (reusable shopping bags work fine to carry, or a cart), and hang them on the door handles of the appropriate apartments. A list will be given to the volunteers of which apartments receive meals. Each building takes about 20 mins or less. One volunteer can do Leefort/Norton/Bates (Bates only has 4 meal deliveries, Norton has 1), one person can do Morency/Dalton and Colonial, and one person can do Pioneer/Bertram (they are only a block away from each other). The volunteer will take all of the meals from the delivery driver at the dropoff site, deliver, and then take the remaining meals to the other two sites. Pequot and Fairweather have staff who are able to bring the meals to the apartments, so these do not need additional volunteers.

If you have time and are able to help with this program, even for a few days, please let us know!

Contact Kerry Murphy if you have questions or can help!