Highrock North Shore is Now Anchor Bay Church!

Sep 20, 2022

Highrock North Shore is now called Anchor Bay Church! We're the same church but with a new name. We're working on our new website, so in the meantime, keep checking this website for news and updates.


It was such a joy to celebrate with so many of you on Sunday - 10 years of God's faithfulness to us as a church! And at long last, we introduced our new name! Then in grand ABC style, we had a big party with food and face painting, games for kids, a swing band, and balloons falling down from the balcony. I love being a pastor at a church where people are literally dancing in our parking lot :) Thank you to everyone who came out to help us throw the party or simply celebrate this next season with us. We had so much fun!

If you weren't able to join us, you can watch or listen to the full worship service here (including more information about our name and vision statement choices and next steps).

In sum, our new name and logo are meant to connect us to our view of discipleship from Mark 3:13-19, which says: 

"Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted...that they might be with him and that he might send them out..."

...That they might be with him AND that he might send them out. Twin calls, "yes and" calls, ampersand calls of discipleship - two invitations from Jesus to his disciples then and now that go hand in hand. 

When we hear our name, Anchor Bay Church, the hope is that we would be reminded of that vision statement that Jesus gave his disciples long ago. Anchor represents our grounding, our rootedness, our safety and security in Christ. Bay represents safety and sending, the idea that while we are rooted, we are connected to the whole ocean too - something beyond our own walls. We are a church that seeks to be deeply formed by God and God's word, to be with Jesus AND to be sent out on his mission in the world, to love mercy and do justice.

Christ is keeping us centered and anchored while we explore the outward movement of God.

Our new logo centers on the cross, but our logo designer, Levi Nelson, has also incorporated the & in our logo so that we can remember our vision statement

Transformation through loving Jesus, serving neighbors, and celebrating life. 

That's our vision statement. How does that play out with us on the North Shore? We'll our new mission statement explains it - and this is essentially a return to our original mission statement from when we planted: 

Creating a community on the North Shore that lives and loves in such a compelling and Christ-like way that our neighbors are inspired to seriously consider the claims of Christ. 

What will keep us on track? Our core values, which go in a particular order. From day one to being fully rooted in our community, we hope you'll experience: 

Hospitality, curiosity, humility, authenticity, justice, creativity, and joy! 

That's ABC from A to Z! And we are so excited about this next chapter in our story. 

So is all of it official now? Yes and no. It's kind of like what happens when you get married and choose to change your name. After the wedding, you start going by your new name, but it can take some time to update all your paperwork and let everyone in your life know. That will be true for us too - we have lots of paperwork, signs, and relationships to update, build a new website, get new emails, etc. So for awhile, you may still see "Highrock North Shore" on things and there may be some glitches along the way. Thanks for your patience as we update everything bit by bit! 

In the meantime...let's keep celebrating all God has done and is doing in this season.  

With Joy and Celebration!

Pastor Brynn