Highrock at Home! Sundays in the Summer at 9am

Jun 12, 2020

This week, we'll be back online again, but we're starting service at 9:00am for the rest of the summer. This should hopefully help you if you're wanting to get out and do something in the morning. Also, if you're on a weekend away and 9am doesn't work for you, you can always watch it later on our YouTube channel. Same place each week, just a different start time.

Join Highrock at Home starting at 9am on Sundays or watch later on YouTube for this opportunity to revive, reflect, and connect as a community.

Kidsrock at Home

Access Anytime (Pre-Recorded)

Kidsrock at Home is prerecorded and can be accessed at any time. We will update content each week as long as we are meeting remotely.

For additional resources for having conversations with your kids about this season, go to the Kidsrock at Home page, select an "Edition" and scroll all the way down to the Resources section.

Connecting with God Personally: Virtual Worship

Virtual Worship: We have suspended in-person Sunday services and all gatherings at least until May, at which time we will re-evaluate the situation and make plans accordingly. We can't wait to give you all hugs as soon as we can!

LifeGroups: Our LifeGroups would ordinarily take the summer season off, but in this time, we are encouraging groups to meet virtually if possible, to continue points of connection. We are currently exploring virtual connection options for our LifeGroups and will notify our congregation with updates when available.

Connecting with God's People: Community Care

Connection Tree: There are many ways we are hoping to be serving in the community in this time, but initially, we want to ensure that everyone who calls Highrock their church has their basic needs met, knows they are loved and cared for, and has an opportunity to serve others through prayer and/or service.

To that end, we have developed a "Connection Tree" to make sure that every Highrocker is checked in with 1-2 times a week via phone call, text, or email. If you have not heard from someone in the next week, please email staff@highrocknorthshore.org! We promise it's not personal! We are working to ensure everyone who calls Highrock home has a point of connection. Additionally, if you are interested in helping others, email us and we will match you with someone who needs support.

Connecting with God's Purposes: Reaching Out

We have reached out to Mayor Driscoll's Office: to inquire about need within the city of Salem and if there are any natural ways we might be able to care for our neighbors, while also being mindful of the current recommendations and guidelines to help mitigate the spread of the virus. If you want to be on a list of possible volunteers, email Pastor Angie.

We have reached out to the Salem Public School System:  to inquire about any plans that are being made for food distribution for students who struggle with food insecurity. The SPS has posted updates HERE. As with the note above, please contact Pastor Angie if you are interested in supporting students and families with food insecurity in Salem.

We have reached out to the International Student Department at Salem State University: to inquire about any specific needs facing international students, such as housing or storage, to see if there are opportunities to care for our student neighbors. We will update you as we have more information. 

You'll notice this list is Salem heavy!: There are many Highrockers (including staff members!) who live in Beverly, Marblehead, and beyond. If you are willing and able to serve neighbors closest to you, please reach out to your city's networks and local organizations. We don't want to limit our support to Salem, but we are starting where we currently have the deepest connections. The needs have potential to be profound. Our plan is to start slow and grow outward. We are staying closely connected with pastors all over the North Shore to be updated on needs and opportunities moving forward.

Moving Forward

Keep in Touch:

We will post updates on tangible opportunities to help care for other Highrockers and our neighbors across the North Shore, through MailChimp and Facebook. In the meantime, we encourage all Highrockers to be mindful of the most recent guidelines for safety. We also encourage everyone to check in on your neighbors and draw strength and renewed hope through God and God's people.

If you have concerns about keeping yourself and your family safe, you can visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for additional information and resources.

If you are interested in additional ways to serve, check out what our partners at SPUR are doing! They will also be posting tangible opportunities to serve our neighbors on the North Shore. 

We love you and continue to pray with and for you in the midst of this pandemic. 

- The Highrock North Shore Staff Team