Outside of Sunday morning, Lifegroups are the primary place we hope to form connections at Highrock: Connections to one another, to God, and to the work God is doing. God grows seeds when we expose them to water and sunlight - and God grows souls when we expose them to Scripture and to one another.

But it's gotta be consistent. If a LifeGroup is successful, you feel known there, and you have a close group of Christian friends to walk with you through whatever life brings. A typical group meets once a week, in a home, to spend a couple hours sharing life, discussing scripture and praying together. But groups are personal, so every group is different! Ideally, your group looks like whatever is healthiest for the people in it.

LifeGroup Seasons

We believe we were designed to experience committed, intimate relationships with one another. However, we also acknowledge the difficulty that newer members - or those not in a place to make a long-term commitment - have with the idea of joining a year-long. In response, we offer three LifeGroup seasons throughout the year so there are easy on and off ramps. If possible, we encourage Highrockers to commit to one group all year to grow and deepen in relationships!

How Do I Get Connected?  

Contact our Lifegroups team at lifegroups@highrocknorthshore.org.

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