Identity Reflection & Design Process

Over the next few months, Highrock North Shore will discern a new name that reflects our unique calling and story, even while our original mission, vision, and values remain in our DNA. You can read more about the discernment process and background of this decision here: Pastoral Update about the Highrock Network

See below for how YOU can be involved in this process of vision clarification, dreaming, and naming. 

A Few Notes About This Process

  • Our name & logo are changing; who we are is not: So far, our church name, vision, values, logo - and even much of our culture and DNA - have been shared with Highrock Churches all over Greater Boston. While we may tweak some of our vision and values statements to reflect our local identity on the North Shore, who we are will remain the same. Any changes that we do make will come out of a shared discernment process with our current church community - YOU! 
  • This is a learning lab: When we planted our church 10 years ago, we prioritized learning and building community. That meant we didn’t rush into doing everything from the get-go. We built, tried, failed, tweaked, practiced, grew, shifted, and changed course when things weren’t working. Since we are now entering a new season (not returning to an old season), we’ll be undergoing a similar process of learning now. 
  • About the Regathering Task Force: Our Regathering Task Force (RTF) is made up of a small group of Highrockers who have experience with branding organizations and/or have volunteered to carry out the work of the process. They will not be the final deciders - only facilitators. This team consists of Eva Smidt (Partner, Contracted Project Manager), Brynn Harrington (Lead Pastor), Michael Mirza (Contracted Branding Consultant), Levi Nelson (Partner, Contracted Logo Designer), Kelliann Henry (Partner, Board Nominee, 2022), Neal Ericsson (Partner). With questions, please contact