Highrock North Shore Sermons for COVID-19

Connecting with God Personally


Connecting with God’s People

  • Branches - On the importance of social closeness, even during physical distance

  • Flames - On conflict (with those we live with)

  • Intimacy in the Family of God - On broadening our definition of family 

  • Community - (Manuscript) On the importance of continuing to find community 


Connecting with God’s Purposes​

  • Bloody Way - On worshiping God by serving my neighbor 

  • Dynamite​ - On what a miracle looks like today (hint: it looks like love)

  • Fast. Pray. Love​ - On society’s inequities and a few ideas about how to begin helping change them

  • Gospel with Skin On - On resurrection when all seems lost

  • Guts​ - On being hungry for the right things

  • Philemon’s Power - On advocacy for others

  • Seed - (Manuscript) On how the Kingdom grows slowly through faith