SPICES Soultraining for Boomers & Beyond

7 Tuesday Sessions - 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 11/29, 1/10, 1/24, and 2/21
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
10 Dane St.
United States
Brynn Harrington

Aging isn't optional. How we do it is.

Growing as boomers and older adults is about leveraging experience, wisdom, and other resources to benefit next generations. It is about finding fulfillment in giving, not getting.

The desired outcome is described in Psalm 1:3 (NIV) - "That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruits in season and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do prospers."

SPICES symbolize what can emerge during the later years -- a pleasing aroma permeating the very essence of life with added flavor and zest in every area:

S - spiritual

P - physical

I - intellectual

C - community

E - emotional

S - service

Join us this year as we talk about aging, adding zest to life, and investing in the Kingdom of God in fresh ways!


The SPICES Soultraining Course is being led by Connie Linscott! Here's a little about Connie:

"I was brought up in a Christian home. My father was a pastor and on my birth certificate, it says Father’s occupation - minister of the Gospel. I love that legacy. I am a baby boomer and a senior and was a member of Dane Street Church for 20+ years before becoming a partner of Highrock NS. Longtime member of prayer ministry, former Deacon. And I have a heart for sharing the Gospel. Before my retirement in 2019, I worked for the City of Beverly first in the Collector Treasurers office then as Assistant Purchasing Agent, I worked for Beverly for 25 yrs. For the past few years, I have been a member of CMA, Christian Motorcyclist Association and they have spread the gospel across the United States as well as chapters in foreign countries."

Additional Resources: https://covchurch.org/make-and-deepen-disciples/crescendo/resources/