Soultraining: Listening as a Labor of Love - Part 2

May 20th, 7-8:15pm and June 3rd, 7-8:15pm
7:00 pm to 8:15 pm
United States
Pastor Aaron

2-Part Class on Two Wednesday Nights

Listening is quite different from hearing.

We hear lots of things. We hear birds chirping. Cars honking. Subway cars rushing and squealing. We hear voices humming along in the background at a coffee shop. We hear many things, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're listening to them.

The same is true in our communication with each other. We often hear what the other person is saying. Our brains register that noise is coming out of their mouths. But listening ... understanding ... communicating back that we understand what they're saying, but doing so in such a way that the person we're listening to understands that we understand... is very difficult. It is not necessarily intuitive. It actually takes a lot of labor to do well.

Knowing this, we are offering this workshop called, "Listening as a Labor of Love" in which we will teach skills and strategies to listen well and so hopefully improve our ability to listen well, negotiate conflict, and demonstrate compassionate empathy to one another. Led by Pastor Aaron.

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