Highrock Express!

Apr 11, 2021
9:30 am to 11:00 am
10 Dane Street, Beverly
United States

Welcome to the Highrock Express! 

Join us for a drive-thru mini church experience on April 11th between 9:30am and 11am in the church parking lot. This is a chance to remind each other and our neighbors that the church is not closed and never has been, but is alive and still present, and that we are still connecting to God personally, God's people, and God's purposes. 

Connect to God

Our first station is where you will drive thru to receive communion. We will be passing you sanitary cups with the wafers. 

We know that some of you aren't able to leave your house during this time, and we would love to bring communion to you! If you'd like to receive communion at home, you can sign up on this form. If you'd like to help deliver and share communion with a Highrocker who is unable to leave their house, please sign up to help!  

Connect to God's People

Greet us as you drive by! We will have pre-packaged snacks and drinks for you and your family to pick up. We’d love to (briefly) hear how you’re doing!

Connect to God's Purposes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the food banks in our area, and particularly in Beverly, are running dangerously low.

This Sunday, we're going to be part of the solution! Which means -- we need your help! Please bring your masks and non-perishable food items, and/or baby care supplies with you to donate at Dane Street.

Here’s a list of the food items that are most needed for Beverly Bootstraps, who provide critical resources to families and individuals so they may achieve self-sufficiency.

Further Instructions

Time and Arrival Instructions:

Please feel free to arrive at the Dane Street parking lot anytime between 9:30am and 11am. Whether walking or driving, please enter the parking lot via the entrance on KNOWLTON Street, and please depart via the exit onto CHARNOCK Street (the one way on the North side of the building).

  • When you arrive, when there is a car behind you, we'll need to keep moving through the stations so that the next car or group behind you can also get through. Otherwise, we might back up traffic onto Cabot Street!

Safety Guidelines:

  • For this to work well, we need to be mindful of our own health and exposure. If you've been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, OR if you or someone in your household are running a temp of 99.4 or higher, OR if you are in a high risk category, please fill out this form and stay home. We'll bring communion and Soulfood to you!

  • Please adhere to the 6-foot physical distance guidelines, and limit extended up-close interactions to people in your own household and/or chosen-family. 

  • We would ask that everyone attending over the age of 5 wear a mask when interacting with someone not in your household and/or chosen-family.


In addition to volunteers wearing masks and gloves, all staff and volunteers will need to have an on-site contactless temperature check upon arrival and will be asked to sign a waiver that they've read and will abide by the safety guidelines. The folks delivering communion will also abide by our safety precautions for contactless delivery.