For years, the Church commissioned artists to communicate the gospel visually, musically, theatrically, and poetically. In some ways, we’ve gotten away from that. But we believe that the arts draws us into deeper worship, engaging all the senses and teaching us grace and truth in profound ways. In fact, the first people that the Bible documents as inhabited by the Spirit of God were artists (Ex. 31:1-11)! So our goal is to seek out, support, and celebrate the arts and our community’s artists in a variety of ways. One of those ways is Highrock’s Scribble!

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“ArtScribble” is an informal gathering for artists to chat, discuss creative arts projects for the church and/or simply work together on personal projects.  Visual artists and writers welcome! We meet from 10am-1pm in the church office (57 Wharf Street, #3A, Salem).

Feel free to come for the whole time or drop in when you can.

For more information, email George Courage at