Spring 2018 Course Catalog & Registration

*Indicates childcare available


Weaving the Web: Cultivating Faith and Resiliency in Children Through Youth-Adult Relationships - 3 Hour Workshop (Saturday, October 13, 9am-12pm at the church)

Adolescence. It's a time of transition, exploration, discovery, risk-taking, and development. It's a time where we learn and grow and experience challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally. So how do we help our children and youth navigate it all? This workshop will focus on ways parents, youth workers, volunteers, and anyone passionate about coming alongside teenagers can weave a web of trusted relationships that will help cultivate faith and resiliency in the midst of this challenging, yet exciting phase of life.  Led by Pastor Angie. 


Transforming Our Relationships: Listening as a Labor of Love - 3-Hour Workshop (Saturday, November 17, 9am-12pm at the church)

Listening is quite different from hearing. We hear lots of things. We hear birds chirping. Cars honking. Subway cars rushing and squealing. We hear voices humming along in the background at a coffee shop. We hear many things, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're listening to them. The same is true in our communication with each other. We often hear what the other person is saying. Our brains register that noise is coming out of their mouths. But listening ... understanding ... communicating back that we understand what they're saying, but doing so in such a way that the person we're listening to understands that we understand... is very difficult. It is not necessarily intuitive. It actually takes a lot of labor to do well. Knowing this, we are offering this workshop called, "Listening as a Labor of Love" in which we will teach skills and strategies to listen well and so hopefully improve our ability to listen well, negotiate conflict, and demonstrate compassionate empathy to one another. Led by Pastor Aaron Engler.

Transforming Our Witness: Talking about Talking about Faith - Monthly Sunday Discussion Group (Dates TBD)

As Christians, we’re taught that we are supposed tell others about the faith we profess - and most of us do want to tell people about Jesus. But so much of the time, we don’t know how. Maybe we’re not even sure what we believe, and we feel ill-equipped to answer tough questions. Or perhaps all we’ve been taught about evangelism reduces the gospel to simplistic formulas that don’t seem relevant anymore. So how do we talk about faith in our day and age? In this workshop, we’ll gather monthly to discuss reading, new ways to talk about faith, and explore our own beliefs about what it means to be a follower of Christ. Led by Pastor Brynn Harrington & Overseer Matt Modaff.


Partnership Class - 3-Hour Workshop (Saturday, November 10, 9am-12pm at the church)*

One of the deepest ways to get connected at Highrock is by becoming a partner. Partnership (also known as Membership) is a formal commitment to Highrock's vision and mission. One analogy might be that while we have many guests, partners are those who are the hosts of their church home. Partners are the are eligible to vote on church wide matters, and hold certain leadership positions, and have the benefit of meeting with trained Highrock Guides for spiritual direction at least once per year. Partnership is open to baptized believers over the age of 13 who have attended a partnership class. Led by Pastors Aaron Engler & Brynn Harrington.  Childcare available.