Spring 2018 Course Catalog & Registration

*Indicates childcare available


Weaving the Web: Cultivating Faith and Resiliency in Children Through Youth-Adult Relationships - 3 Hour Workshop (Saturday, May 19th, 9am-12pm)

Adolescence. It's a time of transition, exploration, discovery, risk-taking, and development. It's a time where we learn and grow and experience challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally. So how do we help our children and youth navigate it all? This workshop will focus on ways parents, youth workers, volunteers, and anyone passionate about coming alongside teenagers can weave a web of trusted relationships that will help cultivate faith and resiliency in the midst of this challenging, yet exciting phase of life.  Led by Pastor Angie. 


Transforming Our Habits: Learning to Live on Purpose (+ Family Track) 3-Hour Workshop (Saturday, June 2, 9am-12pm) + 3 Week Online Follow-Up (June 3-23)*

We’re all just a bundle of habits.  Researchers say that more than 40% of everything we do throughout a given day, we do without thinking about it.  And the more we live out our habits automatically, the more they shape who we become.  This course is designed to help us live our lives with intention, by creating space to cultivate life habits and spiritual practices that point us toward Christ.  In our Saturday workshop, we’ll take a look at the why and how of spiritual practices and the neuroscience of habit building, and then begin (slowly!) to build those habits together and encourage one another through an online communication. Led by Pastor Brynn and Kristi-Lynn.   Family Track: While adults meet upstairs, children will meet downstairs for children’s activities that will help them learn about spiritual habits, and then will meet with adults to choose habits to practice as a family.    


Introduction to the Old Testament - Weekend Intensive (Saturday, June 9, 9am-12pm & Sunday, June 10, 1-4pm)

In this course we will familiarize ourselves with the major themes and movements of God’s redemptive work as revealed in the Old Testament. We will do this by gaining a general understanding of the content and historical background of the biblical materials from Genesis to Malachi. Our major goal is to see how the Old Testament tells one story about one God who seeks to redeem His creation, and that five years after taking this course you will still be able to articulate from beginning to end, the storyline of the Hebrew Bible.  Led by Pastor Brent. 


Partnership Class - 3-Hour Workshop (Saturday, June 16th, 9am-12pm)*

One of the deepest ways to get connected at Highrock is by becoming a partner. Partnership (also known as Membership) is a formal commitment to Highrock's vision and mission. One analogy might be that while we have many guests, partners are those who are the hosts of their church home. Partners are the are eligible to vote on church wide matters, and hold certain leadership positions, and have the benefit of meeting with trained Highrock Guides for spiritual direction at least once per year. Partnership is open to baptized believers over the age of 13 who have attended a partnership class. Led by Pastors Aaron Engler & Brynn Harrington.  Childcare available.