Spring 2019 Course Catalog & Registration

*Indicates childcare available


Christian Essentials

2 Saturday Mornings - March 16 & 30, 9:30am-11:30am at the church

During this class, we'll take a look at historic teachings, beliefs, and practices of Christianity, so as to inform the mind’s thought, transform the heart’s belief, and form the hand’s actions. The objective of this course is to help us become fully devoted worshipers of the God we encounter in Jesus. Open to anyone interested in exploring Christianity, and to seasoned followers of Christ who would like a refresher on the story of faith! This class is also a prerequisite for baptism or confirmation at Highrock. Led by Pastor Aaron.



2 Hour Workshop - Thursday, March 28, 7-9pm at the Espacio (105 Congress Street, Salem)

This workshop offers two tracks:

Early to Mid-Twenties: Living Well into Young Adulthood
Your twenties. They can be the best of times or the worst of times, and just about everything in between. This workshop will focus on what it looks like to live in your early to mid-twenties well - from how to talk to a landlord, what to do about dating, thinking about budgeting and saving, networking professionally, and of course, connecting with God and the church as an adult. Led by Pastor Aaron

Classic Rockers: Preparing for Retirement or Later Years
Growing older can create a whole host of questions. Come talk with friends of Highrock, Bob and Barbara Ludwig, about how they are navigating their early retirement years and dealing with the questions of how one uses one's time to continue serving God in new ways.

Transforming Our Minds: Letting Go of Who You Think You Should Be & Embracing Who You Are

Weekend Beach Retreat (May 17-19), plus 4 Wednesday Gatherings at the church, 7-9pm (May 22 & 29, June 5 & 12)

In this workshop, we’ll focus on the thought patterns we learn over a lifetime that keep us from being the people that God has created us to be - away from competition, insecurity, shame and self-doubt (Rom. 12:2) toward belonging and beloved-ness in Christ. We’ll study Scripture, explore our personal stories, learn about our neurobiology, and practice exercises on courage, compassion, and connection designed by researcher Dr. Brené Brown. $160 will cover the cost of housing and food for the retreat, snacks, books, and material notebook. Led by Pastor Brynn & Transforming Our Minds Alum, Joe Iriana.

Listening as a Labor of Love: Discovering How to Listen in Order to Bring Understanding & Healing

3 hour workshop - June 1, 9am-12pm at the church (Soulfood Room)

Listening is quite different from hearing. We hear many things, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're listening to them. The same is true in our communication with each other. Our brains register that noise is coming out of one another’s mouths. But listening ... understanding ... communicating back that we understand what they're saying, but doing so in such a way that the person we're listening to understands that we understand... is very difficult. It is not necessarily intuitive. It actually takes a lot of labor to do well. Knowing this, we are offering this workshop called, "Listening as a Labor of Love" in which we will teach skills and strategies to listen well and so hopefully improve our ability to listen well, negotiate conflict, and demonstrate compassionate empathy to one another. Led by Pastor Aaron Engler.


Partnership Class

3 Hour Class - Saturday, June 1, 9am-12pm at the church (Ann Judson Room)

One of the deepest ways to get connected at Highrock is by becoming a partner. Partnership (also known as Membership) is a formal commitment to Highrock's vision and mission. One analogy might be that while we have many guests, partners are those who are the hosts of their church home. Partners are the are eligible to vote on church wide matters, and hold certain leadership positions. Partnership is open to baptized Christ followers over the age of 13 who have attended a partnership class. Led by Pastor Brynn Harrington.