Anna - Hungry For More

Anna - Hungry For More

God makes great promises, but for now, like Anna, a lot of us are still waiting.
And against this backdrop God declares, “this is not the way it’s supposed to be. You were not made for a world like this” - and inside we know it’s true!  

Which is why we love it when, (Isaiah 25:6,8) God promises: I’m gonna fix it! I’m going to wipe away your tears, I’ll remove your shame and destroy death forever. I’m going to satisfy the hunger in your bellies, and your souls with a feast that will never end!
It’s a great promise…  but we’ve been waiting for so long, how do we know we can trust it? Are we fools to keep waiting? 

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Game of Thrones

We live in a competitive culture.  We’re natural scorekeepers.  We naturally compare.  And naturally, we want to win. Trouble is…games like these ones keep you working.  They keep you working to fit in but stand out.  Working for significance, working for acceptance, working to matter, because there’s always someone who could pass you by.  And anyone who’s ever played a Game like this knows it’s a hard Game to win and an easy Game to lose.