I Believe. Help My Unbelief. (Mark 9:14-29)

This father, already no stranger to heartache, was again! crushed under the weight of one more disappointment. One more failed hope. One more heartbreak. And the religious enforcers pounced on his pain so that everyone watching would know just how much of a crock Jesus’ way was. The scene Jesus walks into is not a pretty picture. It’s a scene filled with pain. The emptiness of the gloating scribes. The disappointment of the disciples. The powerlessness of the father.

Aaron Engler

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Aaron studied finance at the University of Minnesota and then worked as a banker before attending Gordon-Conwell. Prior to planting Highrock North Shore in 2012, Aaron served on staff at Highrock Arlington since 2007, where he served as the Pastor to Young Adults.

In addition to planting Highrock North Shore, Aaron helped launch Open Door Immigration Services in 2017, and serves as the Chairman of the Board. He has gone through extensive immigration law training and is a partially accredited representative with the Board of Immigration Appeals.