Out of Egypt: From the Nile

It’s a pretty good story.  A baby born under a death sentence becomes a prince of Egypt…becomes a Hebrew Batman bringing vigilante justice…becomes an exile…becomes a hero…becomes a shepherd.    

Something interesting stands out to me about Exodus 2.  For 22 verses, we read the incredible, you-can’t-make-this-up-if-you-tried story of Moses’ life…and at no point in the story do we read single reference to God.  Not once.   

I wonder if Moses ever sat on a hillside and asked the questions that we ask: How did I end up here?  Is all of this random?  Chance?  Luck?  Does it mean anything?  I wonder if Moses ever took stock of his life, looked towards heaven, and asked, “Why did all of this happen? Why has the road been so crooked?  Why didn’t you show up more?”

But when I read Exodus 2, the text starts to ask me a question, “What if God did show up?  What if He shows up all the time...but I just miss him?  What if HE is moving, but I don’t see him?”