The Prime Directive

Evangelism.  Sharing our faith.  Not really the most fun thing to hear, imagine, preach, or practice.

I think our intentions are good.  I think at the heart of it we want to talk about our faith that is meaningful to us.  I truly believe that we want to  “...go and make disciples of all nations…”.  I do believe Christianity is the way to live a full life and to bring God’s healing to a broken world.  

But…evangelism is hard.  Evangelism is uncomfortable.  The idea of going out and sharing our faith can very quickly make us feel embarrassed.  Sheepish.  Afraid.  

Sharing our faith with others means that we attach ourselves to the “Christian” label, and who wants to do that?  We’ll feel like fakes.  Failures.  Frauds.  And that hurts.  

So we don’t.  We keep to ourselves.  

So what are we supposed to do?  How do we reconcile this discomfort?  How can we take a step away from the Christian Atheist lifestyle and begin to match our life with what we really believe?