Full Stop

Those seasons when the workload and responsibilities pile up. And the demands of your relationships feel daunting. Then you receive that unexpected call from a doctor or family member with that “not-so-good” news. And to top it all off, it seems like nearly every major household appliance breaks all at once.

When it rains, friends, it pours.

And I imagine this phrase was not lost on God’s people as they found themselves exiled in Babylon during the time Isaiah wrote the words from our passage this morning.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been going through a series on the book of Isaiah called One Hope. And throughout the series, we’ve considered the promises God makes to His people in the depths of despair. Because, for God’s people, the events leading up to the exile were not simply a minor rain storm…When it rained over Israel in the 6th century BCE... it poured.