Legalistic Fences

For some of us, worshipping God once felt like a wide open land in which we were free to run, love him, and serve others.  But now, that freedom is gone.  

Now, God feels like a military inspector who, at any moment, could throw open your door and surprise you with a room inspection - ready to penalize you for not having your bed made, your uniforms cleaned, or not following the rules.

And so we retreat even more into rules. Before you know it, our list of rules becomes pretty long and our fences become pretty high.  We forget what worship in that wide open looked like, because all we know about worship are our fences.  

Worshipping God once was about loving him and serving others.  Now, it feels like nothing more than following a Christian to-do list. In this rigid, legalistic, fenced in way of living, we feel trapped and isolated.  We begin to believe our only purpose is to DO all the right THINGS.  We lose track of God, and begin to treat other people differently.

And I believe God is heartbroken because of it.