The Call to Hesed

Choosing to live out God’s hesed in our lives means moving away from our tendency to surround ourselves with people like us and isolate ourselves from people like them. It’s moving away from our judgments of “deserving” and “undeserving.” The invitation to follow Jesus is an invitation to see others through God’s eyes, to remain committed to them and have compassion on them, to love them without reservation, regardless of whether or not we agree with them all the time.

Because the truth is, at one time or another, we have all been the “other.” At one time or another, each of us has been undeserving. The truth is that when we consider the greatness of God’s hesed, we are all undeserving. But the good news of the Gospel is that God has not given up on us. In Christ, God has put to death all of our brokenness and undeservedness so that He might pour out His hesed upon us.