Highrock Location Change: FAQ's

Where and what time will the services be?

Worship service will be held at 292 Lafayette Street (FBC) at 9:30am. Note the half hour later start time than normal.

Where can I park? 

There is street parking available on every street surrounding FBC. There is also parking available at North Shore Infant & Toddler at 275 Lafayette Street.

Will there be KidsRock? 

Yes. We’ve worked hard to make sure the KidsRock programming is not only still available, but will actually be better while at FBC. The layout at FBC allows us some neat programming opportunities that we couldn’t as easily do at FUSS.

How involved will FBC be with our services? 

We want all followers of Jesus who have been given a specific combination of gifts and passions to be able to share them with the body of Christ. We don’t want to block that, but we do still want to be discerning (like we do with everything else) about how to best worship the Lord here in Salem in a compelling and relevant way.

Are we merging together? 

No. Highrock will remain Highrock and FBC, FBC. We will do joint services for the summer months only. As of September 1st, we will be holding separate services again.

Will Highrock change?

I hope so. It has been our endeavor from the first day until hopefully our last, that we would be a community open to the leading of the Lord and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to bring God’s Kingdom deeper here in Salem and the contiguous towns. That necessarily means being open to change. While we want to protect our culture and guard against losing our identity, we want to be open to learning and growing from time spent with people who might have a somewhat different perspective than us. 

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

PLEASE! Call (or email) Pastor Aaron or Brynn. We would LOVE to help you navigate questions or concerns that you might have.

Aaron Engler

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Aaron studied finance at the University of Minnesota and then worked as a banker before attending Gordon-Conwell. Prior to planting Highrock North Shore in 2012, Aaron served on staff at Highrock Arlington since 2007, where he served as the Pastor to Young Adults.

In addition to planting Highrock North Shore, Aaron helped launch Open Door Immigration Services in 2017, and serves as the Chairman of the Board. He has gone through extensive immigration law training and is a partially accredited representative with the Board of Immigration Appeals.