Lent: The Vector of Vices and Virtues - Gluttony


Lenten Series Artwork

When I started thinking of gluttony, the main thing that came to mind was of course excessive eating. I often see eating portrayed in two lights: Beautiful, tempting, colorful foods laid out in a cornucopia of delicious options; or the disgusting slobbering mess while someone mashes food into their face.  When it comes to gluttony, the portrayal is often some mythological creature or demon. This drawing joins these ideas using bright playful colors to shape a gross mass of flesh in the act of consumption. The head at the top is literally eating his own hand while someone's foot pokes out of the face on his back.

Gluttony is not only self-destructive but it impacts those around us as well.  Whether by literally taking so much that there is less left for others or by forcing the people who care for us to watch as we go through avoidable health problems. Yet I'm sure  most of us have playfully partaken in games, dares or competitions to eat as much as possible. Then we've also turned around and ridiculed or silently thought less of people who are overweight. Why do we have such a dichotomy of perspectives in regards to gluttony?