Lent: The Vector of Vices and Virtues - Lust


"Screw" by Levi Nelson

32" x 35.75", Mixed Media, Lenten Series Artwork - Lust

A screw in the informal usage is a cast-off sex act. It can potentially transform a complex human being into a functional object. However, even in it’s effort to strain for the casual a connection is implied by the word. A screw is also an object that changes the object that it bonds by boring a hole through it. You can back out a screw, but a hole remains. You can tear the connected objects apart with a crowbar and splinter the wood, but this changes the capability of both objects to form a stable whole again. That being said lust is a misdirection of inherently good desires. It is good to be passionate and to yearn, but it is not an end in and of itself. Through passionate confession all of our failings become gifts to those hiding behind either their purported goodness or suffocating shame. I have failed, but I cannot bring my failures back down from their death on the cross.