Transformational - Psalm 16

Emily Swilling, Highrocker

Emily Swilling, Highrocker

"Every good thing I have comes from you.” - Ps. 16:2

Psalm 16 is psalm of devotion that translates into joy. The joy grows because David refuses to run after other gods. He knew nothing besides God would satisfy him.  

The same is true for us.  In a moment of fear or anxiety, we'll sometimes choose to numb our emotions, to distract ourselves with busyness or some other quick fix, rather than bringing our true feelings to God and doing the hard work of facing hard emotions head on.  We won’t find God in overeating, undereating, drugs, porn, addictions, that extra drink, busyness, relationships, praise, success at work, or any other momentary soothers, though sometimes we try.  

Author and researcher, Brené Brown, writes that when we do this, we're also numbing our ability to feel joy. We’re not able to selectively numb our emotions. We can’t numb our pain with momentary soothers without also numbing our ability to feel the good things, the joy in life.  

But in this Psalm, David urges us to do the hard thing, to go to God with our difficult moments and emotions rather than trying to soothe ourselves, assured that we are secure in him no matter what we're facing.  He is the only one who will truly satisfy.

"No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice." - Ps. 16:9


Father, we rejoice that you love us and care for us, sometimes more than we can even love and care for ourselves; may we live in you in a way that celebrates you and transforms those around us, even in the hard moments. Amen

Aaron Harrington, Highrocker