Ownership - John 20:26-31

A week after Thomas missed Jesus, Jesus returns to the disciples and this time, Thomas is with them. After feeling Christ’s wounds, he exclaims, “My Lord and my God!”  A week earlier, Thomas had believed Jesus was Lord; now he takes ownership and declares that Jesus is his Lord.  He didn't believe fully until he saw the risen Lord for himself.

And that's true so much of the time for us.

Imagine overhearing someone who’s humming the melody of a song they’re listening to on their headphones.  It can sometimes be a meaningless, secondhand experience, right?  You can get the gist of the tune sometimes, but you can't hear what they're hearing personally, even if they were to try and describe it to you.  

Now imagine putting on the headphones yourself and hearing the music firsthand.  In all its vibrancy, it can be incredibly meaningful. All throughout the Bible and particularly in John's Gospel, Christ invites us to put on the headphones.  Though we cannot physically see Jesus as Thomas did, he invites us to come and see him for ourselves, not just to hear second-hand accounts but to experience firsthand the work he is doing, to see that it is good, and to be part of greater things than we can imagine.  Second-hand stories can and should certainly lead us toward God's story, but the invitation goes beyond that, to know the Lord firsthand.  That is an invitation worth extending to those around us and rejoicing in.

Come and see.

Aaron Harrington, Highrocker


Lord, you’ve known us firsthand for eternity and we are thankful for your invitation to know you firsthand; may we believe and be blessed. Amen