Possessing Joy - 1 Peter 1:3-9

Joy on Easter Morning

Joy on Easter Morning

In 1 Peter 1:3-9, God promises us salvation in Christ and Paul encourages us to rejoice in the living Lord because we are guaranteed that salvation as our inheritance.

There are times when I’ve been outside in creation and I've praised God for the beauty of the Earth or I've sung because I’ve felt so connected to Christ. But then there are times when I’ve felt discouraged, or deflated, or alone. I’ve felt like an inferior Christian because I’m not super joyful when I’m sick or I’m feeling uncertain.

What’s happening?  I’ve confused extreme happiness with joy.  Joy is unchanging, based on the prospect of possessing what God promises us.  Each day will have highs and lows.  However, we can be joyful every day and rejoice consistently, because salvation, and the prospect of possessing it, is what the living Lord has promised for us as our inheritance.


God, we thank you that we can genuinely be joyful, no matter our circumstances, because of the good news that you have guaranteed us. Amen.

Aaron Harrington, Highrocker