This Sunday, Speed Dating, and More!

Hi Church!

I’m exited to be worshipping with you again this Sunday!  You’ve probably noticed the past few weeks that it’s been full at church. Your observations are correct.

Even with a majority of the young adults away at the ski trip last weekend, we’re still averaging a 25% growth in attendance compared to where we were last year at this time.  Talk about exciting! Many people have been giving both Christ and His Church a chance for the first time, or the first time in a long time.

God has been doing some incredible things among us, and this is no different! But it also provides some additional challenges. So here are a few ways you can be missional and join God in what he is already doing. 

  1. Sit towards the center and front. I promise I’ll brush my teeth and put on cologne. But seriously, new people who come in enter from the side and are instantly greeted with awkwardness as the realize every head in the room has just turned towards them. Now they have to stand there and hunt the room for a spot to sit, likely meaning they will end up traversing the room to the open spots: front and center. This is heaping awkwardness on an already awkward experience. I love attention and this still might be too much for me to want to come back.  SO! Front and center, if you please.
  2. Wear your name-tags!  I know they can feel clumsy and are easy to forget, since  “everyone that I want to talk to already knows my name anyway. So why bother with it?”  Capt’n Obvious here: they aren’t for you. They aren’t even for the people who know you. They are for the new people who walk in the door. Some people (like me) remember names with faces more easily when they can see both. And so suddenly, just because you wore your name-tag, New Person Joe will more easily remember your name when he comes back next week, helping him feel like he already has a connection to our church. Name-tages lower the barrier of entrance into our community.    
  3. Identify and say hello to at least two unfamiliar faces within two minutes of the END of service. Hardly any church in the history of modern church get’s knocked for being unwelcoming at the front door. Hardly any church is known for being welcoming at the back. I’d rather be a church more known for our back door hospitality than our front. Friends and family use the back door, strangers use the front, right? If we can communicate welcome and value at the end of our service, we communicate more clearly that, “Hi. We actually care that you are here. It’s not just a pretense.”

There are going to be many opportunities for hospitality and outreach this spring. Time to get our hospitality game faces on! 


This Sunday!

If you were born, this Sunday applies to you. Hope you will join us as we consider what it means to honor our fathers and mothers in a godly way in a day and age when that’s not always so clear cut. 

Then on Sunday afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30, if you have the afternoon free Highrocker’s Paul and Charae D’Ambra would “really like to invite our church family and friends to check the Children’s Piazza out and give us a sense of how the place holds up with a crowd.” And so they’re having an “open house” of sorts.  Come on over and if you have time and want to do something out of the house! 


To Put on Your Calendar:

Shabbat Dinner! 

Celebrating the Chinese New Year is this next Friday night, January 31st. We anticipate a rather large crowd, so if you want to eat, RSVP!  email


Speed Dating!

Power Hour gets a whole new meaning on March 1st when all four Highrocks plus Park Street Church are coming together for one night of couple connection extraordinaire!  

We’re gonna be real honest here and just say from the start that the point of all this is that we want to see young Christian men and women meeting, greeting, marrying, having lots of sex and making babies. That’s not the only reason for speed dating, but that’s definitely the dream come true.

And nowadays – dating is tough! Most people are so busy with work and school that it’s hard to even think about a relationship. How do you even have the time to meet someone that you could start a relationship with in the first place?! 

The Answer? – Speed Dating – 10 dates in just 3 hours! It is a whirlwind of an event that will leave you exhausted in the end, but it is a ton of fun and comes without the pressure of “Should I kiss her at the end of the date?” (If you did that during Speed Dating it would get pretty awkward, pretty fast.) 

This event is being sponsored by all the Highrocks and Park Street Church – churches that want to see Christian singles have the opportunity to meet other Christian singles. And whether the event ultimately leads to wedding bells and crying babies or not, it’s going to be a great time with some great brothers and sisters.

Sign-ups start next week! Cost is $30 and includes food and 2 drinks.

Hope you are well in the Lord today.


Aaron Engler

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Aaron studied finance at the University of Minnesota and then worked as a banker before attending Gordon-Conwell. Prior to planting Highrock North Shore in 2012, Aaron served on staff at Highrock Arlington since 2007, where he served as the Pastor to Young Adults.

In addition to planting Highrock North Shore, Aaron helped launch Open Door Immigration Services in 2017, and serves as the Chairman of the Board. He has gone through extensive immigration law training and is a partially accredited representative with the Board of Immigration Appeals.