At Highrock, we believe we are called to live in community with one another.  However, we recognize intentional relationships may be more difficult to foster in a large group setting.  In order to provide a regular, safe place for relationships to grow, we have developed LifeGroups.

LifeGroups are one of the ways Highrock fulfills its mission to cultivate a loving Christian community through which people are transformed individually and collectively into the body of Christ by connecting with God personally, with God's people, and with God's purposes. 


We believe we were designed to experience committed, intimate relationships with one another. However, we also acknowledge the difficulty that newer members - or those not in a place to make a long-term commitment - have with the idea of joining a year-long.  In response, we offer three kinds of LifeGroups:

Connection Groups are an easy entrance point into checking out community at Highrock.  Connection Groups will regularly meet through a unified activity (dinner, board games, sports).  This is a place to meet people and put names to faces without high expectation of attendance.

Seasonal Groups will meet once/week for eight weeks for themed-discussion and short-term vision.  This provides a place for members to get to know one another deeply without a year-long commitment and works very well with busy schedules.  

Covenant Groups will meet regularly (usually twice/month) and seek to develop intentional, deep relationship.  Members are expected to make attendance a priority and consciously invest in the lives of groups members through conversation and service.  

How do I get connected?  

It's pretty easy.  All you have to do is click this link, and BOOM. You're ready to roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start a new LifeGroup - how do I do that?

We're glad you asked!  As a church, we want to support you in your vision of a LifeGroup, and would love to chat with you about next steps.  If you're interested, contact Marcus at

How do LifeGroups fit into the larger structure of Highrock North Shore's mission and vision?

LifeGroups are essential to how we believe to live out the mission to which we are called. If you're interested in a larger conversation about philosophy, vision, or execution, you can contact Marcus at