Highrock North Shore began in 2012 as the fourth church to grow out of Highrock in Arlington. From the beginning, we have believed that life perpetuates life. We knew we wanted to be a church that continued to give birth to new churches. 

Now, it’s 2018 - and we’re finally giving birth to a new baby church! 

Introducing: Highrock Haverhill!



Welcome to Highrock Haverhill. In Fall 2017, Matt & Megan Webel and their three boys moved back to New England to help start a new church from Highrock North Shore. After months of prayer, conversation, and walking in almost a million towns around Greater Boston, we believe God is doing something in Haverhill and inviting Highrock to be a part of it. 

We’re still a baby church. We barely have a website, we’re meeting in living rooms, and we’re still getting to know each other. We’re the new group in town: still discovering coffee shops in the city and meeting local-leaders and influencers. We’re brainstorming our identity - and we don’t even have a space to meet yet.

Core Group 1.jpg

We will walk one day...but right now we’re still learning how to crawl.

And you know what? It’s really, really exciting. Like a child, we crawl around the corner and discover something new about Haverhill every day. We are meeting people who care about the city, learning about local businesses, and stumbling upon the amazing things God is already doing. 

God is bigger than Highrock. God has been moving in Haverhill long before we arrived - and will be moving long after we’re gone. But now, God is inviting Highrock to be a part of growing his Kingdom in Haverhill as it is in heaven. It’s God’s story. We’re just following God’s lead.

It’s been a beautiful, gutsy, and sacred adventure thus far.

And maybe God is prompting you to join us.


Right now, we’re meeting monthly in various formats. Wherever you are in relation to Highrock Haverhill, there’s a place for you.

Highrock Haverhil: Worship Services
We hold “preview" worship services every other week throughout the Fall. During this early stage of the church plant, we are pacing ourselves and trying new things each week to find out what fits our church and our community. We meet from 9:30am-10:30am at First Baptist Church in Haverhill, MA (217 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830) in the Christian Education Building. KidsRock is available for children nursery through elementary grades, and Battle Grounds coffee is available for everyone else.

After the service, stick around for SoulFood - a chance to break bread together and connect over the sacred space that occurs whenever and wherever we eat! Click here to see a calendar and click here to listen to sermons from Pastor Matt Webel and sermons from Pastor Marcus Privitt. You'll get a flavor of our preaching style.


Highrock Haverhill: Here in Haverhill Gatherings
Rather than jumping in with the answers, we are committed to intentionally listening to what God is already doing in the community and supporting those efforts. Alternating with our Worship Services, "Here in Haverhill" gatherings provide the opportunity to hear from local residents and non-profits serving the city of Haverhill. Come hear some of the amazing stories of what’s already happening Here in Haverhill.

Like our Preview Services, Here in Haverhill Episodes occur every other Sunday morning, 9:30am-11:00am at First Baptist Church in Haverhill, MA (217 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830) in the Christian Education Building. Check the calendar to see what’s on tap this week. 

Highrock Haverhill: LifeGroups

Each week, LifeGroups meet in local homes to foster deeper relationships among Highrockers. These groups are open to anyone looking for another way to connect with community and connect with God. These are “come as you are” groups with no previous experience assumed. Give us a shout out at info@highrockhaverhill.org, we’ve got your spot reserved. 



If you’re interested in Highrock Haverhill, check out Highrock Haverhill on Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up to receive our weekly email update or email our staff team with any questions. We’d love to meet you, hear your story, and point to the exciting things God’s doing in Haverhill and beyond.

More Info:

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